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In the current Chinese interstellar circle, the most well-known and strongest professional player is only Time Li Pei-nan, who is known by fans as having the strength of “close to the first-line Korean T”.

Time belongs to the Newbee team. After Canada's "Blade Queen" Scarlett and South Korea's first-line protoss parent Dear joined the team, Time directly went to the world's top players as a sparring, and the strength leaps and bounds. Especially the sister-in-law, the two are old acquaintances, because Li Pei-nan has fallen down in the pomegranate skirt of her sister many times (mistakes).


I don’t know how to play StarCraft. As the most powerful female player in the history of e-sports, he has a deep relationship with China. He even claims to be a “national hand nemesis.” For so many years, no one can win if she meets her national hand. Even winning a small score is extremely difficult.


According to Lao Xian, Li Pei-nan’s record with Sister-in-law is 4 defeats and 20 losses, all of which are the official record of the game, which can be described as terrible. Because of the loss too much, my sister became inexplicably became Li Pei-nan's mother (fan ridicule), incidentally mentioning that father is IA, but now IA has not beat Li Pei-nan, the equivalent of "uncle" success, but sister-in-law Kan Li Pei Nan can't cross it.

Finally, in the StarCraft 2ROG2019 Summer Asian qualifier on July 7th, Time Li Pei-nan turned over and beat her sister to win once, which is not easy.


That old fairy actually had ob (although not on the official account). In the first set, it was a mother-in-law. The two men were very hot when they came up. Li Pei-nan came up to the barracks camp, and the sister-in-law directly went to the base. Obviously, he knew him very well and knew he was going to steal.




第二个双方已经正常运作,因为他们彼此非常熟悉。我妹妹知道正常打开电路板是非常偷窃的。 4分钟内只有8只狗和4只皇后。三个矿井的农民几乎都满了,没有防空。李培楠仍然是一种古老的骚扰策略。在5分钟内,8列火车和双解放者切断了他们的家园。这波杀死他的脸是错误的。他最初被一位女王吃掉,后来李培楠与解放者合作乘坐火车并屠杀了19名农民,双方也进行了类似的交流。